FNCS Major 3 Drops Revealed, Available July 29

With FNCS Major 3 just a few days away, Fortnite has revealed new cosmetic drops that players can earn by tuning in to live broadcasts.

FNCS Major 3 Drops

Unlike Major 2, Major 3's Drops will be available both in-game and online to players who watch the official broadcast from either competitive.fortnite.com or the Legends Landing creative map.

Watching 15 minutes of the official Major 3 broadcast will reward you with the following cosmetics:

  • Raptor Rider Spray - FNCS Major 3 Week 2 (July 29-30)
  • Lush Moves Loading Screen - FNCS Major 3 Week 3 (August 5-6)
  • King Me-ow Emoticon - FNCS Major 3 Grand Finals Day 1 (August 12)
  • 8 Lives Down Loading Screen - FNCS Major 3 Grand Finals Day 2 (August 13)
  • FNCS Protector Back Bling - FNCS Last Chance Major (August 20)

Where to Watch FNCS Major 3

You can watch FNCS Major 3 and the FNCS Last Chance Major via the recently updated Legend’s Landing island in-game (island code 3303-7480-5925), the official FNCS livestream in supported languages, or any of the other livestream links below:

English coverage:

Portuguese (Brazil) coverage:

Japanese (Asia) coverage:

Source: Fortnite Competitive

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