Fortnite Releases new Emote, Accidentally Makes it Icon Series Rarity

Fortnite has released the new Business Up Front Emote in the Item Shop, accidentally listing it as part of the Icon Series instead of its actual rarity: Uncommon.

The Featured Section of today's Item Shop

The Emote can be found in the Featured Section of the Item Shop for 300 V-Bucks, identified by the bright Icon Series background. The mistake was most likely made due to the fact that the Emote is Synced; a special feature that's usually only included with Icon Series dances in the shop.

The 'Business Up Front' Emote in the Item Shop

Epic Games is expected to deploy a small downloadable patch to fix this issue later today, as the Item Shop isn't something they usually leave bugged for long. Since Fortnite has yet to comment on the issue through their social channels, we're unsure if refunds will be offered to players who purchased the Emote. We'll keep you updated if Epic comments on the mistake.

You can view the full Item Shop here.

In other news, the Primal Bows are set to return next week. Click here to read more.

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