Fortnite secretly unvaults the All Terrain Kart Vehicle

Fortnite has secretly re-added the 'All Terrain Kart' vehicle to the game after not being seen in Battle Royale for almost 3 years.

With the v18.40 update, Fortnite unexpectedly unvaulted the first "vehicle" to be added in Battle Royale; the Shopping Cart. With the Island "destabilizing fast", another old vehicle, the All Terrain Kart, was randomly spotted by players in-game today with no mention of the return from Epic. The Kart was originally introduced over 3 years ago in v5.00 and removed from Battle Royale in v8.00, remaining only in Creative mode.

Image via @GlitchKing15

Fortnite has yet to officially announce the vehicle's return so it's currently unknown if the unvaulting is intentional or a mistake. We'll keep you updated if anything changes or if something else gets unvaulted!

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