Fortnite: The New Prop-ifier Item is now Live

Fortnite's latest Item, The 'Prop-ifier', has been introduced into the game in today's v17.30 Hotfix.

Item Trailer: The Prop-ifier

The latest Item to join a collection of alien gear currently in the loot pool is The Prop-ifier.

It comes with this message from the Hot Saucers mailing list:

"The Aliens have studied our world… thoroughly. We’ve been able to find vendors to disguise us as an object, but the Aliens found a way to just do it on the spot. Using a “Prop-ifier,” select a familiar Island object, then become a Prop imitation instantly." -Mari

The new Item gives players the ability to transform into a prop instantly, as a way to hide from enemy teams. It's a fun and creative concept which Fortnite has embraced with every new Item that's been introduced so far during this Season. The Prop-ifier is not available in competitive playlists like Arena matches or cups.

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