Fortnite v23.20 Hotfix - Big Bush Bomb and Midseason Drops

Fortnite has released the latest hotfix for v23.20, introducing the new Big Bush Bomb item and unlocking the fourth Midseason Drop.

Big Bush Bomb

The new Big Bush Bomb item can now be found in-game. Available through Chests and floor loot, four bombs can be stacked in a single inventory slot. Throwing the Bush Bomb down instantly creates a large bush to use for cover. It can thrown anywhere in-game, including onto vehicles.

Image: FBRFeed

Midseason Drop 4

With today's hotfix, the fourth Midseason Drop is also now available for players to unlock. To earn the newest Drop, players must earn 10 account Levels in addition to obtaining all three of the previous rewards.

Image: Guille_GAG

Bigger changes are expected to be introduced with Fortnite's v23.30 patch next week. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, Fortnite has announced The Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams concert. Click here to read more.

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