Fortnite x Elder Scrolls Online: Gaming Legends Set Leaked

Fortnite's next collaboration has been leaked following the v25.11 update earlier this week.

The update added Item Shop assets for three encrypted cosmetics, all of which appear to be part of a 'Fortnite x Elder Scrolls Online' crossover. From what we can see in the files, the new Gaming Legends set will contain an Outfit, Pickaxe and Wrap, and will be available in a Bundle alongside the individual cosmetics.

Image credit: FBRFeed

Since the items are currently encrypted in the files, we don't have any information on what they will cost or when they will become available. As is the case with all leaks, the cosmetics could change before they're released.

The set is expected to arrive in the Item Shop before Fortnite's v25.20 update. We'll keep you updated.

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