Fortnite x Marvel 'Order Restored' Comic Scrapped

Fortnite's unreleased Marvel comic mini-series has reportedly been scrapped, according to new information.

Titled 'Fortnite x Marvel: Order Restored', the comic was first leaked back in June 2023, ahead of a rumoured summer release date, which later fell to January 2024 before being cancelled entirely. According to X user ItsUnusuaI, who has previously shared reliable information on Fortnite's comics, Disney has cut costs across multiple Marvel projects, including the comic mini-series, resulting in it being "purged".

Very little was known about the story of the unreleased comic, and how it would link to Fortnite's confusing Seasonal stories, but ItsUnusuaI says it "would have mostly been a history of the Imagined Order and what they were doing behind the scenes . . . It followed a new character from the I.O. tracking down targets from other universes. It involved the 616 Marvel Universe and had multiple characters we have already met". ItsUnusuaI also claims the comic originally teased the arrival of Chapter 4 Season 4's Kado Thorne, which fits with the planned release of summer 2023. The absence of the comic also explains why Fortnite's story felt somewhat empty during Chapter 4 - a feeling that wasn't helped by the lack of live story events for the duration of the Chapter.

We'll keep you updated if any new information is released.

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