New Fortnite x Marvel 'Order Restored' Comic Series Coming Soon

A comic book store has shared details on what appears to be a new Fortnite x Marvel comic mini-series for 2023.

Reportedly titled 'Fortnite x Marvel: Order Restored', the new mini-series was originally set to release during summer, but the database has since been updated to '2023'. This information is unconfirmed and should be treated as a rumour, but comes from the comic book store that previously provided accurate information on last year's 'Zero War' series before any official announcements.

The new mini-series is expected to feature a free cosmetics system similar to last year, where each issue included a free Marvel item for Fortnite, and players who redeemed all five codes received the 'Iron Man Zero' set for free.

The Bonus Rewards for 'Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War'

If the new comic is still releasing in summer, we could see an official announcement from Epic and Marvel very soon. As always, we'll keep you updated.


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