Fortnite x Nike: How to get the Free Air Max 1 '86 Back Bling

With the launch of the 'Airphoria' experience on Tuesday, Fortnite has released a mini challenge that rewards players with the Air Max 1 '86 Back Bling for free.

To unlock the new Back Bling, players must play the Airphoria experience for ten minutes or more. There's no extra challenges after that - just play for ten minutes to unlock the item. You can access the map via Discover in-game or by using Island code 2118-5342-7190.

The Back Bling is free, but is only available for a limited time. The Island will remain live until June 27, 2023 at 8 PM ET. After this date, the free Back Bling will be unobtainable.

Once ten minutes have passed in the Airphoria experience, you will have secured your free Back Bling and can leave the match. You won't receive the Back Bling instantly after playing the Island, but don't worry - Epic will send the item out on June 28, 2023.

It's currently unknown if the Back Bling will become available in the Item Shop at a later date, so if you're collecting the full set we recommend playing the Island.

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