Fortnite Zero Build: Shockwave Grenade to be Unvaulted Next Week

Epic Games has announced plans to unvault the Shockwave Grenade in Fortnite Zero Build playlists next week.

The announcement comes following player feedback on the lack of mobility items in Season 3. The Shockwave Grenade will return to Zero Build playlists in next week's v25.10 update, but will remain vaulted in all other modes, including classic Battle Royale. Epic did say they "will continue to monitor gameplay for all Battle Royale experiences", so there's a chance other modes could see a change in the loot pool too.

Returning Soon: The Shockwave Grenade

Shockwave Grenades were last unvaulted with the launch of Chapter 3 Season 2, but were removed when Chapter 4 arrived. The item's stats remain the same.

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