Free Guff Gringle Outfit available on PC

In celebration of Winterfest 2022, Fortnite has released the Guff Gringle Outfit in the Item Shop for free, exclusively on PC and GeForce NOW.

Available from now until January 3, 2023, the Guff Gringle Outfit can be claimed by players on PC in the Item Shop. Since GeForce NOW also uses the PC version of Fortnite to play remotely, players who login using this service will also see the free Outfit in their shop.

Epic Games has released an FAQ on the Guff Gringle Outfit:

When does the Guff Gringle offer end?

Guff Gringle is available from the Fortnite Item Shop on PC until 9 AM ET on January 3, 2023.

Can I use the Outfit on any platform?

Yes. Once claimed, the Outfit joins the rest of the items in your Locker; it is available to equip on whatever platform you play Fortnite.

My current PC is below the minimum specifications required to play Fortnite, but I actively play on other platforms. Am I able to redeem this offer?

In order to redeem this offer, you must be able to launch Fortnite, navigate to the Item Shop tab, and collect the Outfit. You do not need to be able to launch any gameplay mode. As a result, you may still be able to redeem this offer.

Am I able to redeem this offer without creating an Epic Games account?

Installing the Epic Games Launcher and creating an Epic Games account is required for downloading and installing Fortnite on PC. You may need to link your Epic Games account to your console account to access the items on other platforms. For more information on linking accounts, please visit

Will the Guff Gringle Outfit be available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop?

There are no plans to make the Guff Gringle Outfit available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop.

What in-app and in-game purchases are offered in your product?

Fortnite offers Virtual Currency in the form of V-Bucks for sale on both the Epic Games Store and its in-game store. Fortnite also offers various bundles that include cosmetic in-game products and occasionally questlines that offer rewards like V-Bucks.Using V-Bucks that are earned or purchased, players can also purchase cosmetic items in the in-game Item Shop, along with purchasing upgrades for each season’s Battle Pass.

Does the product use Epic Games' payment platform or your own for these in-app purchases? Note: Epic can not provide details or refund for any transactions made outside of Epic's payment platform.

When playing Fortnite through the Epic Game Store, all in-app purchases use Epic Games’ payment platform. The in-game store transitions the user to the platform storefront to complete purchases. When playing on other platforms, different payment platforms may be used.

Can I use your product without making any in-app purchases?

Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite: Creative modes do not require players to purchase any content to play. All purchases are optional and provide only cosmetic benefits.Playing Fortnite: Save The World mode’s campaign requires access through certain in-app purchases such The Lars Pack or the Crossmark Operative Pack.

Are the in-app purchases refundable?

In-app purchases made on the Epic Games payment platform are eligible for refund within 14 days of purchase if they are marked as “refundable” or “self-refundable”. For more information please visit information on purchases made on other platforms, please refer to this page:

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