Leak: Goldenbane Guardian Quest Pack to be Available Tonight

Update: Despite a notification about the Pack being sent out to Epic's Launcher, Fortnite has not released the Bundle in the Item Shop for May 9th. We'll keep you updated.

In preparation for the release of the Goldenbane Guardian Quest Pack, Epic Games has uploaded a new notification to the launcher, giving us access to details of the Bundle's arrival in the Item Shop.

The Epic Launcher notification, which is set to go live today, reads "Protect the Island’s ancient temples. Complete Daily Bonus Goals to earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks with the Goldenbane Quest Pack".

The price of the Pack is currently unknown but we can confirm that it will be available for real money, not V-Bucks, in the 'Special Offers & Bundles' section of the Item Shop.

You can read more about what's included in the Goldenbane Guardian Quest Pack here.

In other news, we've listed everything we know so far about Chapter 3, Season 3.

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