Leak: NA-Central Matchmaking Region coming to Fortnite

Following last week's v23.30 update, data miners have discovered evidence of a new 'NA-Central' matchmaking region in the Fortnite game files.

NA-Central would join the existing NA-East and NA-West matchmaking regions in-game

The new region will give players an additional option for which server they play on and, depending on their location, could reduce their latency. Leaker GMatrixGames says it's "most likely" that the new region will be available to select from next week, when Fortnite's next update is set to be released. Epic hasn't shared any details on the new server yet, but is expected to do so in the patch notes for v23.40. As always, we'll keep you updated.

In other news, Fortnite's glitched first-person camera has been removed. Click here to read more.

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