Leaked Epic Business Review reveals upcoming plans for new collaborations, modes and more

Epic Games' Quarterly Business Review from June 2020 is being shared online and contains a collection of leaked information related to iOS that is labelled as "Highly confidential".

Portfolio and 2020 Strategic Priorities for Epic Games
iOS 2018 - 2020 Recap
Fortnite: 2019 In Review
Fortnite: Q1-Q2 Return to Growth
Top IP Collaborations
The Social Entertainment Portfolio for Epic Games
Travis Scott World Tour was the Largest Trans-Media Event Ever
Early themes for Seasons 12-15
Early 'The Club' promo design (Later renamed to The Crew Pack)
A concept of what the Fortnite Club would have looked like in-game
Early designs for the Fortnite x Marvel collaboration
Early concept art for the Lachlan Icon Series Outfit
Early Concept art for the Grefg Icon Series Outfit

Upcoming/Scrapped Collaborations

A Lebron James collaboration was planned for Q4 of 2020
A collaboration with The Rock was planned for Q1 of 2021
Basketball could be coming to Party Royale
A look at the upcoming or scrapped Basketball mode
Sports Events are planned to come to Party Royale
"What is possible for October"
Details of a scrapped Club Pack with Apple TV+ & Apple Music included
An Ariana Grande collaboration was planned for October 2020 and a Lady Gaga collaboration for December of 2020
Early concept art for Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite
Early concept for vehicles in Fortnite

It's possible some of the collaborations seen above will still happen in Fortnite in the future, however, nothing can be confirmed at this time.

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