Leaked Item Shop - October 4, 2023

Epic Games has hidden the sections that will be featured in tomorrow's Item Shop from the API, meaning we don't know exactly which cosmetics will be available. This is the first time in years Epic hasn't revealed the sections early, which suggests this could be the end of 'leaked' Item Shops.

Despite this, we are able to predict which sections will arrive in the next rotation. The new Dylexa Locker Bundle is expected to replace the Chopstix Locker Bundle in the next rotation, but this is not confirmed.

Here's our prediction of the Item Shop for October 4, 2023:

Dylexa's Locker

  • Sparkle Skull Outfit
  • Pick Axis Pickaxe
  • Glow Wings Glider
  • Roman Candle Emote
  • Sequined Wrap
  • Dylexa's Locker Bundle


  • Patch Outfit
  • Punk Outfit
  • Punkin' Wrap
  • Carvers Pickaxe

Celebrating Women

  • Heartburst Emote
  • Hearts Up Emoticon
  • Reinvention Wrap
  • Winner's Heart Spray

Everyday Magic Bundle

  • Everyday Magic Bundle
  • Jamila Outfit
  • Aniya Outfit
  • Relic Ravesword Pickaxe
  • Enchanter's Staff Pickaxe

Becky & Bianca

  • Becky & Bianca Bundle
  • Becky Lynch Outfit
  • Bianca Belair Outfit
  • Superstar Celebration Emote
  • K.O.D. Hammer Pickaxe

Earn Levels and Unlock Rewards!

  • Triarch Aurora's Level Up Quest Pack

  • Unknown cosmetics [x16]

Daily Items

  • Unknown cosmetics [x6]

Special Offers & Bundles

  • Crypt Crashers Pack
  • Shadows Rising Pack
  • Extinction Code Pack
  • Untask'd Courier Pack

In other news, players can unlock the new FNCS cosmetics for free in the upcoming Community Cup on October 7th. Click here to read more.

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