Lucky Offers Return to the Fortnite Item Shop

The 'Lucky Offers' cosmetics have returned to the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time.

Available for a total of 17,900 V-Bucks, the following Lucky Offers cosmetics are now available in the Item Shop:

  • Sgt. Green Clover Outfit
  • Pot o' Gold Pickaxe
  • Wild Card Outfit
  • Tailor Outfit
  • Haze Outfit
  • Diamond Eye Pickaxe
  • Clover Team Leader Outfit
  • Goldy Lock Back Bling
  • Safecracker Glider
  • Chance Outfit
  • Lucky Rider Outfit
  • Lucky Wrap
  • Aura Outfit
  • Guild Outfit
  • Raining Doubloons Emote
  • Bespoke Blades Pickaxe
  • Silver Strikers Pickaxe
  • Emerald Smasher Pickaxe
  • Gold Chain Back Bling
  • Lucky Coins Back Bling
  • Starshot Pickaxe
  • Lucky Clover Back Bling
  • Wild Card Wraps Bundle

To collect the sets, head to the Item Shop tab in Fortnite and scroll to the 'Lucky Offers' section. The cosmetics are expected to remain available for a few days.

To view the full Item Shop for today, visit

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