New NA-Central Server Region now in Fortnite

With the release of the v23.40 patch earlier today, Epic Games has enabled the new NA-Central matchmaking region in Fortnite.

The new server option will provide lower latency for players residing in Mexico and the Central United States. Epic says, "we worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver this new server region located in Dallas, Texas, USA. The NA-Central server region is using AWS Local Zones to provide a low-latency experience for players in Mexico and the Central United States, with the experience being similar to those of players in the NA-East and NA-West server regions".

Epic Games has also revealed how the NA-Central server region will affect competitive events in the future. From Chapter 4 Season 2's release in March, competitive events will no longer be hosted on the NA-East and NA-West server regions. Instead, tournaments in North America will run on the new NA-Central servers. Players will still be able to queue up for events while set to the East or West regions, but will be routed to the Central servers automatically.

Epic has also announced that any competitive prizing for NA-East and NA-West in future Battle Royale seasons will be combined into one pool for North America. This includes qualifications through multi-round tournaments such as Victory Cash Cups, FNCS Majors, and the FNCS Global Championship. North America will have one single champion for all competitive events for the first time.

To access the new server region, head to the settings page in-game and scroll to the "matchmaking region" option.

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