New Sunny Stroll, Stormy Slog Emotes Available Now

The new 'Sunny Stroll' and 'Stormy Slog' Emotes are now available in the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time.

Available for 300 V-Bucks each, the Emotes are not part of a set. They can both be purchased in the 'Featured' section of today's Item Shop, alongside the following cosmetics:

  • Island Vibes Emote
  • Sweaty Emote
  • It's A Wash Emote
  • Hula Emote
  • Hana Outfit
  • Skybound Longboard Glider
  • Utility Snapsword Pickaxe
  • Tornado Spin Emote
  • Downhill Demon Bundle
  • Way Too Fast Music Pack
  • Adrenaline Chaser Wrap
  • Voracious Velocity Pack Bundle
  • Lucha Bundle
  • Dynamo Outfit
  • Masked Fury Outfit
  • Libre Glider
  • Piledriver Pickaxe
  • Bash Outfit
  • Dark Bomber Outfit
  • Thunder Crash Pickaxe
  • Dark Glyph Glider
  • Red Knight Outfit
  • Crimson Axe Pickaxe

The Sunny Stroll and Stormy Slog Emotes will remain available for a few days.

To view the full Item Shop for today, visit
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