Patch Notes for Fortnite v19.40 - Bouncers Unvaulted, Proximity Voice Chat & more

Fortnite's v19.40 update has arrived with some big changes and new additions to the game.

Amazing Web Week

This week's "Wild Week" is called 'Amazing Web', giving players the chance to travel across the Island quickly with the unvaulting of Bouncers and addition of Web Shooters to Chests. A new set of Quests are also available that grant players additional XP upon completion. These changes will be live from today at 2PM UTC to March 8 at the same time.

Proximity Voice Chat in Impostors

Fortnite has introduced proximity chat to the voice version of Impostors with v19.40, meaning players will hear the mic of whoever is near their character. The classic version of Impostors with no voice communication remains available to play with no adjustments from the update.

Adjust Time of Day in Replay Mode

Replay mode has received its first update of Chapter 3 today, giving players the ability to change the time of day when viewing a replay file. This can be done for replays that take place in Battle Royale or in Creative Islands where the time of day has not been set by the creator. The new options can be found in the camera settings when in Replay mode.

Competitive Notes

  • The changes that come with Amazing Web Week are not included in competitive playlists

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue involving Outfits sometimes glowing with a bright blue “hologram” effect in the Lobby
  • Fixed the issue in which POI names would appear on the map only in English regardless of your selected language

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