Patch Notes for Save the World v23.20 - The Autumn Queen, Mild Meadows Venture and more

The Winterfest Venture Season is soon coming to an end, but that means the Mild Meadows Venture Season is soon beginning! Before the Mild Meadows Venture Season starts on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 7 PM ET, make sure you complete the remainder of your Winterfest quests.

Also in v23.20, players can now hurdle! You’ll automatically hurdle over or onto obstacles when sprinting into them. Additionally, the new Autumn Foothills biome opens up and brings the newest Hero in Save the World, the Autumn Queen!

Search for The Autumn Queen

A new Hero and questline arrive in Save the World! Meet the Autumn Queen, a new Soldier Hero. Autumn Queen has the new Standard Perk Force of Nature, which allows her to activate an additional Shockwave from your tamed pet when used. The Perk functions with Boars, Raptors, and Wolves, and pets inherit the bonuses of all Shockwave Perks that are also active on the ability.

Combine the Force of Nature Perk with Gia’s Perk, Vital Bond, which provides healing for both yourself and your tamed wildlife!f

To unlock Autumn Queen, complete the new Autumn Foothills Hero questline! The Autumn Queen is a permanent addition and can be unlocked after your first Storm Shield Defense in Plankerton!

Mild Meadows Venture Returns

The Mild Meadows Venture Season starts January 25 at 7 PM ET.

Here in the Mild Meadows, Commanders get to enjoy the benefits of the Escalation Modifier. The Escalation Modifier takes your Commanders’ elimination streaks climb, your team will receive a small boost to bonus damage (capping out at a 100% increase). In addition, reaching elimination streaks will trigger an Elemental Burst at all Commanders’ locations, dealing damage and unleashing additional effects!

Elimination Streak Effects

  • 30 Eliminations: Nature Burst - Mother Nature is on your side! This burst damages and stuns surrounding enemies for 3 seconds.
  • 60 Eliminations: Fire Burst - Is it getting hot in here or is that just your elimination streak? This burst will deal damage and apply a blistering debuff which causes damage every second.
  • 90 Eliminations: Dance Party - Make em’ dance! This burst deals damage, refills Commander’s energy, and last but certainly not least, causes the Husks to dance for 7 seconds.
  • 120 Eliminations: Ice Burst - After heating them up with some fire and dancing, it’s time to cool them down! This burst will deal damage and freeze nearby targets for 5 seconds.
  • 150 Eliminations: Energy Burst - And now it’s time to unleash the power! This burst will damage and cause nearby enemies to take increased damage for 10 seconds.

Keep in mind: if you lose your streak, your Escalation bonuses will reset. So keep it moving and take out as many Husks as you can as fast as you can!


Major Oswald is sharpening up the security of Homebase — by putting Commanders and their base through the ultimate test. In Wargames, head to your Storm Shield bases and test your defenses against unique and challenging simulations! Complete both of the Daily Quests and Weekly Challenges to earn a fair share of Event Tickets, Gold, Banners, Evolution Materials, and PERK rewards.

The Blockbuster Questline

A crashed meteorite has shaken Homebase to its core! While Ray investigates, the self-proclaimed other OTHER Bot, Lok, is in charge! Help Lok lead the crew in the Blockbuster questline.. The rewards for this questlines are the Mythic Soldier Carbide (with his Standard Perk Zip and Zap that applies affliction dealing 13 base energy damage per second for three seconds) and the Mythic Ninja Cloaked Star (whose Standard Perk Fan of Stars allows you to throw all your Throwing Stars together in an arc and adds one additional star).

The Lunar Llama

Say hello to the Lunar Llama. This little critter can somehow package the might of the Dragon Weapons as well as the Lunar New Year Heroes. Pick it up for Event Tickets in the Llama Shop!

Bug Fixes

A number of important bug fixes were included in the v23.20 game update, including:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Bronze rewards to not be granted upon a “Destroy the Encampments” win.

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