Patch Notes for UEFN v24.20

With today's v24.20 update, the Unreal Editor for Fortnite has received new settings and a number of bug fixes.

New Tool

  • A new Hide Empty Folders toggle option is now available in the Verse Explorer to hide folders that do not contain any Verse files.

Bug Fixes


  • Door properties now show correctly for Armored Walls.
  • Fixed a crash with Sequencer when the editor is shut down.
  • The server no longer crashes when the editor closes the connection.


  • The IslandSetting device now allows the "Join In Progress" Team Index setting to be set to 100.
  • Timer device visibility is set to disappear at a rate proportional to the distance from the creator.
  • The Shooting Range Gallery Dummy Device no longer disappears after a Fortnite Creative island is converted into a UEFN project.
  • The light from the Class Selector device now turns off when the device is inactive.
  • The Guard Spawner no longer equips unsupported weapons and items.
  • Fixed an issue where device settings displayed when they were changed during a launched Creative session.
  • Naming issues and availability values have been fixed on Hiding Props for these options:
    - Enabled At Game Start
    - Usable By Team
    - Usable By Class
    - Interact Time
    - Number Of Occupants
    - Set Max Hiding Time, Block Hide Time
  • The Radio Device is now visible when players return to the island after being in-game.

Environments and Landscapes

  • Nanite fallback meshes built with 24.10 now have the proper triangle counts.


  • Fixed issue when a branch expression with a race subexpression would steal the whole async context and prevent code from running.
  • Fixed a crash when building code in UEFN that has a class with fields the same name as the fields’ type.
  • Fixed an issue where a subexpression of race in a loop wouldn’t execute more than once.


  • Fixed agent.Respawn() not working in published islands.


  • UEFN-written VS Code workspaces will now respect user preferences for themes, auto-save, and bracket-pair colorization, along with other miscellaneous settings when first writing out the workspace.
  • The stub{} macros will no longer be displayed in the LSP completion candidates' text, but will be directly converted to LSP tab stops on insertion.

More changes will arrive with UEFN's v24.30 update in two weeks.

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