Rarest Fortnite Item Shop Outfits - June 2022

With Fortnite's Item Shop rotating everyday to display new items for players to buy, it's no surprise to see that sometimes cosmetics get forgotten and left in "the vault". We've listed the rarest Outfits from the Item Shop as of June 12th, measured by days since they were last available.

The Reflex Outfit
  1. Rogue Agent - Last available 1,367 days ago
  2. Special Forces - Last available 1,236 days ago
  3. Reflex - Last available 1,197 days ago
  4. Black Widow Outfit - Last available 1,134 days ago
  5. World Warrior - Last available 1,051 days ago
  6. Infiltrator - Last available 1,047 days ago
  7. Sledge - Last available 1,013 days ago
  8. Munitions Major - Last available 1,011 days ago
  9. Sureshot - Last available 990 days ago
  10. Knockout - Last available 985 days ago
The Sledge Outfit

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