First Details of Fortnite Creative 2.0 Leaked

Following the release of v21.00 just last week, Fortnite data-miners have discovered a number of functions that are set to be included in the highly anticipated Creative 2.0, officially named 'Unreal Engine Editor for Fortnite'.

According to Twitter user InTheShade, the newly discovered functions will be usable in Fortnite's upcoming scripting language named 'Verse'. Verse will allow players to do almost everything that can't currently be done through classic Creative mode, such as using custom models, AI scripting and more.

We've compiled a list of all the new functions discovered by InTheShade below:

  • Using custom models
  • Spawning items
  • Storm controller
  • AI scripting
  • Events that can be triggered by anything in-game
  • Changing game phases
  • Loading and using game widgets
  • Loading game assets at runtime
  • Cars
  • Live team and player statistics
  • Full control of the HUD
  • Scoreboard control
  • Controlling player components
  • Manage gameplay tags
  • Full control of NPC characters
  • Create, show, hide, destroy and move objects
  • Create spawner manager
  • Outfit and Emote capturing
  • Control what happens when a player sees or looks away from another player or device
  • Sentry device which tracks players
  • Player spawner
  • RNG system
  • Full control of player's inventories
  • Teleportation device
  • Timer device that can start, save, load, pause and resume
  • Vehicle spawner
  • Vending machine device
  • Script device
  • Control arrays and data types
  • Date time util
  • Control UI elements
  • Show tooltips
  • Bind and map actions
  • Adding and controlling particle systems
  • Full control of audio, lights, physics and gravity
  • Modifying objects to change their mesh, material or animation
  • Triggering animations to play
  • Using custom animations
  • Spawning entities (similar to actors in Unreal Engine)
  • Level streaming
  • Set events for every tick of the game
  • Control of speed, vectors, velocity and other game physics
  • Entity spawning
  • Ability to create and destroy objects
  • Ability to draw elements and shapes on-screen
  • Logging to the screen or a file
  • Debugging
  • Mathematics calculations and algorithms

The leaker ended their Twitter thread with the exciting statement of "You may notice I use the word 'control' [a lot], and for good reason, you have full control of pretty much everything".

Epic has yet to officially reveal anything about the Unreal Engine Editor for Fortnite, although leakers say an announcement of sorts is expected soon. As always, we'll keep you updated.

In other news, Fortnite has deployed a new hotfix to adjust weapon damage. (click to read)

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