Season 6 map changes - Loot Lake, Wailing Woods, Haunted Castle

A number of areas have been updated or completely changed with Season 6. Here's a look at some of the changes you'll see across the map as of today:

Loot Lake

The biggest change. The main island is now floating in the air with a whirlpool beneath it. Darkness rises.

Image via @iScenario on Twitter

Wailing Woods

A couple of lodges have been added to the area as well as a huge bunker which can be found beneath the center of the maze.

Video via @LootLakeBR on Twitter

Corrupted Areas

All of the previous rune locations have now been taken over by corrupted land. This is where you can find the new Shadow Stones along with a number of chests.

Fatal Fields

The fields have been updated with head-high corn, spooky! The hut near Fatal Fields that was partially destroyed by the Cube has also begun repairs.

via @LootLakeBR on Twitter

Haunted Castle

Haunted Hills has been updated to feature a castle on top of the hill.

Hero & Villain bases

Ready for Halloween, the hero and villain bases which played a major role in Season 4 have now started to decay.

via @iScenario on Twitter
via @iScenario on Twitter

Retail Row

A new Halloween store has opened up!

via @iScenario on Twitter

Little Houses

A few 1x1 houses have been added around the map which spawn up to 3 chests:

  • Wood - east of Paradise Palms
  • Brick - south-west of Greasy Grove
  • Metal - north of Lazy Links
via @LootLakeBR on Twitter
via @LootLakeBR on Twitter

With the update having just been released, this might not be an exhaustive list of everything that was changed or added today. We'll update this post periodically with new information.

Thanks to @LootLakeBR and @iScenario for providing some of the images.