Summit Striker Starter Pack Leaked

Update: Fortnite Korea have accidentally leaked the release date of the Starter Pack - which will be November 8 to December 19.

After initial leaks during Patch v6.21's data-mining efforts, more details have emerged regarding the upcoming "Summit Striker Starter Pack".

The pack is internally named the "Season 6 Starter Kit", despite having an expected launch of mid-Season 6.

Summit Striker (Epic)

Always first to the top.

Top Notch Back Bling

The pack will also include 600 V-Bucks, according to its description.

"An epic skin and 600 V-Bucks!"

The Summit Striker Starter Pack does not have a price or release date as of yet, but stay tuned for a possible announcement in the coming weeks.

Source: FNBR Leaks