The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event is here

Fortnite's 2021 Summer Event is now live in-game! New Quests, LTMs, cosmetics and more will be arriving throughout the next 2 weeks.

This year's Summer Event is now live! From now until July 5, 2021, the Alien enthusiasts of the Fortnite Island are hosting a welcome party to make peace with the new arrivals. Throughout the course of the event, Creative LTMs, summer rewards and new summer-themed Outfits will be available everyday.

Creative LTMs, Quests & Seashore Rewards

The most popular community-created Creative LTMs will be returning for the Cosmic Summer weeks. These include; Bios Zone Wars Trio, Pro 100, Freaky Flights - Air Royale and The Pit FFA. Players will be able to unlock new Summer cosmetics by completing the new Cosmic Summer Quests in any of the LTMs. The new 'Brain Freeze' Back Bling and 'Cloud Llama Board' Glider are just some of the free items that can be unlocked this Summer.

Additional rewards can also be earned by players, depending on how many Cosmic Quests they complete.

  • Complete Two Cosmic Summer Quests: Believer Beach Loading Screen
  • Complete Six Cosmic Summer Quests: Icy Pop Wrap
  • Complete Twelve Cosmic Summer Quests: Lil' Treat Emote

New Creative LTMs will slowly become available over the next two weeks, to allow each new Quest to be completed. They will remain playable until the event has ended.

New & Returning Summer Outfits

As well as returning items, brand new Cosmic Summer cosmetics will also be available during the event.