Unlock a Free Pickaxe by Redeeming V-Bucks Cards in Japan

Following the recent announcement of V-Bucks prices increasing in the US, Europe and Japan, Epic Games is giving a free Pickaxe to all Japanese players who purchase existing V-Bucks Cards - which remain at the cheaper prices in retail stores.

Exclusive to Japanese players, this offer will run through October, ending on the 31st. The free 'Sunfall Scythe' Pickaxe will be given to all Japanese accounts that redeem any value of V-Bucks Cards whilst the offer is still available.

Image credit: Adam, X

Although the offer is exclusive to Japan, the Pickaxe itself "may be sold in the Item Shop at a later date", according to Epic. If you'd like to be notified when the Pickaxe arrives in the shop, set a reminder on the fnbr.co app.

In other news, players can unlock the new FNCS cosmetics for free in the upcoming Community Cup on October 7th. Click here to read more.

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