Weekly Quest Guide: Season 5, Week 10

Here's a guide on how to complete all the Quests from Week 10 of Season 5! This week's quests aren't based around a specific theme like we have seen in previous weeks.

Bushranger's Quest:
Consume 5 Foraged items.

Catty Corner has the most Foraged items.

Turk's Quest:
Go for a swim at Lazy Lake.

There are two pools at Lazy Lake, this one is south-east.

Remedy's Quest:
Dance near Pleasant Park.

Dance anywhere in Pleasant Park.

Ragnarok's Quest:
Eliminations with Common weapons.

Dealing damage with epic/legendary weapons then switching to a common item for the elimination is a good way of completing this Quest.

Menace's Quest:
Deal Melee damage.

Knock players using normal weapons and eliminate them by pickaxing them while they are down.

Reese's Quest:
Upgrade weapons.

There are multiple NPC Characters who can upgrade weapons around the map. This one is located at the garage north of Slurpy Swamp.

Ragnarok's Quest:
Eliminate IO Guards.

Eliminate one at a time and take cover behind buildings to avoid being eliminated.

Kit's Quest:
Destroy sofas, beds or chairs.

Weeping Woods has multiple sofas, beds and chairs all in the same building.

You can see a full video of every Quest and how to complete them here:

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