Wraps Removed from the Item Shop Early

Fortnite has removed sixteen Wraps from the Item Shop due to an issue that causes the game to freeze.

The disabled 'Wraps' section contained the following cosmetics:

  • Sunset Slurp Wrap
  • Blurred Blobs Wrap
  • Stealth Black Wrap
  • Golden Clouds Wrap
  • Silver Cloud Wrap
  • Onyx Cloud Wrap
  • Melty Gold Wrap
  • Amber Wrap
  • Optimistic Wrap
  • Radiant Zero Wrap
  • Neural Web Wrap
  • First Twilight Wrap
  • Lleague Champ Wrap
  • Adorbz! Wrap
  • Target Locked Wrap
  • Inkprinted Wrap

The Wraps were available in today's rotation alongside the returning Machine Learning set, which features two Outfits that can be customised with any Wrap. Since the issue requires a game update to fix, it's unlikely the Wraps will return before the release of the v23.50 patch next week. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, Flakes Power has joined the Fortnite Icon Series. Click here to read more.

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