Leak: Carrot Consumable and Boombox Item Coming Soon to Fortnite

Data-miners have, all day, been scavenging through the game files of Fortnite since Patch v7.10 released and they have found a ridiculous amount of content. Now, all sorts has been found - such as Limited Time Modes, cosmetics, items, loading screens, challenges, weapons and even in-game events.

This time around they've found a brand new Carrot consumable and a Boombox item.

via @FortTory

Whether this Carrot will actually see the light of day, we have yet to see - however we can only hope that we'll be getting this new consumable sooner or later. I wonder what it actually will do.

Data-miners also found an upcoming item that is a Boombox. We can't really guess what the purpose is going to be, however it could be a new form of emote, like what toys were.

We'll keep you updated if anything else leaks from this absolutely massive patch that came out today. It's been a long day.

Source: FortTory