Chapter 4 Season 1 Starter Pack Available Now

The new Metalcore Mina Pack is now available in the Item Shop for $3.99 USD.

This is the first Starter Pack of Chapter 4 and will remain available until March next year. Purchasing the latest pack will grant you the 'Mina Park' Outfit, 'Spikeheart' Back Bling and 'The Ruthless Claw' Pickaxe. Like previous Starter Packs, 600 V-Bucks are also applied to your account with the purchase.

To collect the set, head to the Item Shop tab in-game and scroll to the 'Special Offers & Bundles' section.

To view the full Item Shop for today, visit

In other news, MrBeast is coming to Fortnite on December 14. Click here to read more.

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