Creed Quests Available Now

With the release of the Adonis Creed Outfit earlier this week, Fortnite has launched new in-game Quests that will reward players with an exclusive Spray.

Creed Quests

  • Catch a chicken (1)
  • Collect Slap Juice in different matches (3)
  • Deal melee damage to opponents (200)
  • Restore health using Bandages (3)
  • Throw Off-Road Tires and flip an overturned vehicle (2)
  • Travel while sprinting or sliding in a single match (500)
  • Reach the top 25 players remaining in a match (1)

Creed Bonus Goals

  • Complete 5 Creed Quests
    Rewards the Creed's Gloves Spray

The Creed Quests will remain available in-game until March 9, 2023.

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