Epic reveal the May 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack

Epic Games have officially revealed the Fortnite Crew Pack for May, featuring the new Deimos Outfit.

Everything in the 'Neo Underworld' Set

The Crew Pack for May 2021 will contain:

  • Outfit: Deimos
  • Back Bling: Sorrow's Edge
  • Harvesting Tool: Sorrow's Reach
  • Wrap: Doomed Echo
  • Loading Screen: Skull Stalker
  • Save the World PvE: Full Access
  • V-Bucks: 1,000
  • Battle Pass: Chapter 2, Season 6
  • Spotify Premium: 3 Months Free Trial

The Outfit, Back Bling and Harvesting Tool all have additional Edit Styles in addition to the default variants.

The 'Skull Stalker' Loading Screen

May's Crew Pack will be the first to contain access to Fortnite's Save the World mode for any players who do not own the PvE mode already.

If you don’t own the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass, you’ll automatically get access to it if you subscribe while the Season is still running. If you do own it already, a one-time 950 V-Bucks return will be applied to your account.

The Chapter 2, Season 6 Battle Pass

Fortnite have also revealed that Crew Pack members will receive a special bonus every Thursday during May.

For more information, check out the official blog post over on the Fortnite website. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Twitter for additional updates.