Fortnite adds new "Epic's Picks" Section to the Discovery Tab

Fortnite has introduced a new section to the in-game Discovery tab that contains a variety of islands including original creations, experiences from partners, limited time events and more.

The new section, titled "Epic's Picks", will feature brand new, popular and limited time islands for players to discover. It will also be mirrored in the Highlight area of the Creative Hub, giving the featured islands even more focus.

Epic has also explained the process for selecting new islands that will be featured in the "Epic's Picks" section:

"You can submit your islands for consideration by continuing to use the creative content submission form once your island has been approved for Discover. We’ll consider any island submitted through that process for both the new Epic Picks row and the existing Featured Maps in the Hub, such as the rifts and other matchmaking portals. As always, there is no guarantee that your island will be selected for either Epic’s Picks or the Hub, but we encourage you to submit islands that you think are particularly special."

In other news, Fortnite's third rarest Pickaxe has returned to the Item Shop after 1,114 days. Click here to read more.

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