Fortnite Creative Map Highlights - February Week 3

In the lead-up to the release of Fortnite's highly anticipated 'Creative 2.0', we will be highlighting some of the top featured Creative maps every week.

Valentine's Box Fight by BETEAM

XP reward for each kill ❤ 2v2 Boxfight map ❤ 3 different places to fight, play and improve yourself.

Island Code: 2198-2939-8537

100 Levels - Love Run by sianafrtcq

100 Valentine's-themed Levels! Gain XP every 10 Levels completed!

Island Code: 1664-7005-6039

Valentine's Deathrun by l-eny

30 fun Levels, 1-6 players, have fun and love!

Island Code: 9047-2601-6955

Lovely Bones - One Shot by Haunt

Harry Valentine's day! Cupid's crossbow, bouncy hearts. First to 30 wins!

Island Code: 8110-1444-5712

Hunter Games by LaaBouds

Find the Chests to get the best weapons. Be the last one alive. Buy special items between round. Earn XP.

Island Code: 0918-4136-6403

Legends Landing by Epic Games

Jump in and explore the world of Fortnite competitive at Legends Landing! Your one-stop-shop for all things competitive with games, broadcasts and much more!

Island Code: 3303-7480-5925

333+ Levels Deathrun by ngu-old

Earn XP. Easy Levels. Achievements. VIP room. Progress saved.

Island Code: 1843-8489-7976

In other news, the Primal Bows are set to return next week. Click here to read more.

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