Fortnite Creative Map Highlights - February Week 4

In the lead-up to the release of Fortnite's highly anticipated 'Creative 2.0', we will be highlighting some of the top featured Creative maps every week.

Danomitedan's Heavy Explosives by Danomitedan

Bring the heat! Drop right into this explosive FFA in this Featured Island.

Island Code: 0520-6655-6699

Deathrun 103 Easy Level Yellow and Blue by AFK_Omar

Welcome to a 100 Level Deathrun! Discover a difficult course that you can do with your friends! Nothing is impossible.

Island Code: 7323-1319-8827

Hunter Games by LaaBouds

Find the Chests to get the best weapons. Be the last one alive. Buy special items between round. Earn XP.

Island Code: 0918-4136-6403

Legends Landing by Epic Games

Jump in and explore the world of Fortnite competitive at Legends Landing! Your one-stop-shop for all things competitive with games, broadcasts and much more!

Island Code: 3303-7480-5925

In other news, Marvel's Shuri is coming to Fortnite. Click here to read more.

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