Fortnite Bans Players who used XP Glitch to Level Up

Epic Games has issued temporary account bans to Fortnite players who recently used an XP glitch to earn hundreds of Levels. The ban wave comes following weeks of multiple bugs that resulted in players reaching Level 1,000 in-game.

The banned players used a Discord bot to favourite unreleased limited time modes (LTMs) so that they could be accessed and played. The XP element of this exploit came in the form of Slap Berries, which could be "gathered" an infinite amount of times whilst inside the unreleased LTM. Each time players gathered a berry, it would grant 1,200 XP to their account. On average, players earned 12 Levels per 8 minute match.

Accessing the 'Sword Fight' LTM, which was not live at the time of the glitch, is considered to be an exploit by Epic and is therefore against Fortnite's Terms of Service. Players who have never received an account strike before were only given a warning message, but those who have been warned in the past were banned from the game for 12 hours.

Fortnite has been plagued with glitches ever since the release of Chapter 4, which moved the game onto Unreal Engine version 5.1. Nobody has ever been banned for any previous XP exploits, but it seems accessing unreleased LTMs is where Epic draws the line.

We'll keep you updated.

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