Fortnite Celebrates Women With New Free Item Shop Cosmetics

Fortnite is celebrating women with today's Item Shop rotation, where players can pick up five cosmetics for free.

Available for zero V-Bucks each, the following 'Celebrating Women' cosmetics are now available in-game:

  • Heartburst Synced Emote
  • Heartburst Banner Icon
  • Hearts Up Emoticon
  • Winner's Heart Spray
  • Reinvention Wrap

The Item Shop isn't the only place celebrating women - Fortnite's in-game Icon Radio has been updated to feature a wide range of women icons in music.

Epic has also updated the "Epic's Picks" Discover row in-game to include Creative maps made by women:

The free cosmetics, Creative maps and Icon Radio will remain in-game until Fortnite's v26.30 update is released on October 10, 2023.

In other news, Epic Games has cut 830 jobs, removing 16% of its workforce. Click here to read more.

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