Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 - Competitive Update

Welcome to Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3 and a new competitive update. In Chapter 4 Season 3, competitive Fortnite will include FNCS Major 3, FNCS Last Chance Major, and a shake-up with new formats of Zero Build, Cash Cups, PlayStation Cups, and more Victory Cash Cups!

Ranked and Competitive

Ranked Season Zero is underway. Season Zero lasts until the end of Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3. Epic is continuing to use this time to make necessary adjustments such as improving queue times, making sure matchmaking puts you against similarly-ranked opponents, and more.

In Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3, your rank will, among other factors, be an eligibility requirement for Epic-hosted tournaments. This includes tournaments for cosmetic prizes like FNCS Community Cups, as well as tournaments for cash prizes such as Console Champions Cup. You can find the specific rank requirement for some of the tournaments happening this Season below or in the official rules for that tournament.

  • FNCS Community Cup - Bronze I in BR Ranked
  • Duos Fill Cup - Silver I in BR Ranked
  • Zero Build Duos Fill Cup - Silver I in ZB Ranked
  • Solo Victory Cash Cup - Gold I in BR Ranked
  • Zero Build Duos Victory Cash Cup - Gold I in ZB Ranked
  • Duos Cash Cup - Gold I in BR Ranked
  • FNCS Major 3 - Platinum I in BR Ranked

Rank Reset

Epic: "As part of Season Zero, we plan on resetting everyone’s rank. This reset will be a test run of resetting ranks, as we would do during a Seasonal turnover before we enter Chapter 4 Season 4 Ranked. This also gives us an opportunity to continue iterating on our systems at a fast pace. We’re targeting v25.10 for the reset, and we’ll keep you updated as we get closer."

FNCS Major 3

Find your Duos partner and prepare for FNCS Major 3 to begin on July 20, 2023!

For each weekly FNCS Major 3 competition, the top 200 highest points-earning duos from Round 1 will advance to that week’s Round 2 session. Following the conclusion of the Round 2 session, the top 50 highest points-earning duos from each region will advance to that week’s FNCS Major 3 Weekly Finals.

Each duo that participates in the furthest round for a given weekly FNCS Major 3 competition will be awarded Series Points based on their results from that week. The top 50 duos (in other words, the 50 duos who’ve earned the highest cumulative Series Points on the Series Leaderboard across Weeks 1, 2, and 3) will qualify for the FNCS Major 3 Grand Finals. There will not be a Surge Week during FNCS Major 3.


  • Week 1: July 20-23
  • Week 2: July 27-30
  • Week 3: August 3-6


  • August 11-13


  • August 18-20

FNCS Major 3 and the FNCS Last Chance Major are the two remaining opportunities to qualify for the 2023 FNCS Global Championship.

CH4 S3 Tournaments

FNCS Community Cup

FNCS fans: drop into the Duos Battle Royale FNCS Community Cup on August 14 to earn FNCS-themed in-game cosmetic prizes!

Stay tuned for the reveal of the Chapter 4 Season 3 FNCS in-game cosmetics later this Season. The FNCS Community Cup will require you to reach at least Bronze in Ranked in Battle Royale.

Fill Cups

Looking for a new teammate? Drop into the Duos Battle Royale Fill Cups or Duos Zero Build Fill Cups! Play each match in these Cups paired with different teammates at similar-earned points. You can find the schedule for Fill Cups by checking the “Compete” tab in-game.

If you enjoyed competing with your Fill Cup teammate, add them as a friend and drop into future Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build competitions together! Fill Cups will require you to be at least Silver in Ranked in the corresponding Battle Royale or Zero Build track.

Victory Cash Cups

Victory Cash Cups are returning in Chapter 4 Season 3 and will take place on Sundays for both Solo Battle Royale and Duos Zero Build. Qualify for Round 2 then earn a cash prize with every Victory Royale!

Victory Cash Cups are a way for us to give players of all skill levels an opportunity to compete for cash prizes in Fortnite. During Chapter 4 Season 2, more than 50% of Victory Cash Cup participants achieved their very first cash prize in Fortnite competitions.

Cash Cups

Battle Royale Duos Cash Cups are continuing this Season! Fetch your Duos partner and prepare for two rounds of Battle Royale competition happening throughout Chapter 4 Season 3.  You can find the schedule for Duos Cash Cups by checking the “Compete” tab in-game. Cash Cups will require you to be at least Gold in Ranked Battle Royale.

Competitive Ban Policy Change

Epic has updated their policy on competitive bans:

"In Chapter 4 Season 3, we've made changes to our policy on competitive bans and their impact on FNCS eligibility. Previously, players who received a competitive ban of 14 days or longer were ineligible to participate in both the then-current FNCS season and the next FNCS season. Under our new policy, players who receive a competitive ban of 14 days or longer will only be ineligible to participate in either the then-current FNCS event (e.g., an FNCS Major) or the next FNCS event, if there isn’t an FNCS event being held at the time of that 14-day competitive ban.

This new policy takes effect with the start of Chapter 4 Season 3, which means anyone actioned under the prior policy during Chapter 4 Season 2 has a fresh start going into FNCS Major 3 and will be eligible to participate as long as they meet all other eligibility requirements."


In other news, Chapter 4 Season 3 has arrived in Fortnite. Click here to read more.

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