Fortnite Disables 26 Emotes in Competitive Tournaments

In a new hotfix released today, Epic Games has disabled 26 Emotes, Sprays and Emoticons in Fortnite's competitive playlists. According to data miners, the following Emotes, Emoticons and Sprays can no longer be used in competitive modes:

  • Dance Monkey Emote
  • Jugglin' Emote
  • Whipcrack Emote
  • Make it Plantain Emote
  • Capoeira Emote
  • Blanka Backflip Emote
  • Three Wise Monkeys Emote
  • Monkey Mosh Emote
  • Go Ape Emote
  • Go Primal Emote
  • Bananas Emoticon
  • Banana Badge Emoticon
  • Bobo's Watching Emoticon
  • Bananope Emoticon
  • Peely Parade Emoticon
  • FNCS 2:8 Emoticon
  • Call Me J.B. Emoticon
  • Nanner Jam Emoticon
  • Bonenana Emoticon
  • Peeled Spray
  • Wings Spray
  • Agent Banana Spray
  • Nana Dance Spray
  • Peely Popper Spray
  • Here Comes Trouble Spray
  • Peely Drop Spray
Image credit: FNAssist

The removal comes following a new TikTok trend which saw players using the disabled cosmetics in a discriminatory manner after eliminating enemies. Since the items were not removed due to a bug or something Epic can solve with an update, it's unknown if they will ever return. Right now, the ban only applies to competitive tournaments, but this could change in the future. Epic did not announce the removal on Twitter, and is yet to share an official reason for the decision.

We'll keep you updated.

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