Fortnite v25.00 Hotfix - MK-Alpha Assault Rifle Added, Red-Eye Vaulted

Fortnite has released the latest hotfix for v25.00, replacing the Red-Eye Assault Rifle with the new MK-Alpha.

The new 'MK-Alpha' Assault Rifle has replaced the Red-Eye in all playlists at all rarities. The new weapon is an updated version of Chapter 3's MK-Seven AR, but with some small changes:

  • Increased damage
  • Decreased fire rate
  • Increased reload time
  • Decreased recoil
  • Decreased magazine side
Now vaulted: The Red-Eye Assault Rifle

The MK-Alpha Assault Rifle is expected to remain in the loot pool for at least the rest of Season 3. The upcoming Relik in-game boss will carry a Mythic version of this weapon, dropping it once eliminated.

Today's hotfix introduced no other changes. Bigger updates will be introduced with Fortnite's v25.10 patch next week. We'll keep you updated.

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