Fortnite disables Daily Section from Item Shop, removes Travis Scott Emote

Fortnite has disabled the 'Daily Items' Section from the Item Shop, a change which is presumed to have happened as a result of the recent events involving Travis Scott.

Today's Daily Section in the Item Shop featured six cosmetics, with one of them being an Emote that uses Travis Scott's music. The contents of each shop is scheduled and planned months in advance, so today Epic made changes 2 hours after the Item Shop was updated to completely remove the Daily Section and with it the 'Out West' Emote.

Although Epic Games has not commented on a reason for the removal, it is presumed to have happened following the deaths and injuries at a Travis Scott concert over the weekend, which the American rapper is widely blamed for.

Fortnite have confirmed on their Status Twitter account that the 'Daily Items' Section will be re-enabled with the next Item Shop update. This is the first time in Fortnite's Item Shop history that the Daily Section has been disabled.

Click here to view the remaining Item Shop Sections.

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