Fortnite Item Shop Predictions: February 14th - 20th, 2022

Fortnite's daily Item Shop updates can often see the return of the same cosmetics regularly, making it easy to predict what will be sold in the future. This article lists cosmetics that are predicted to return to the Item Shop before February 20th, 2022.

Predicted Outfits

  • Xenomorph (Expected before Feb 16)
  • Ellen Ripley (Expected before Feb 19)
  • B.R.U.T.E. Navigator (Expected before Feb 16)
  • Shiver (Expected before Feb 19)
  • Beach Jules (Expected before Feb 17)
  • Midsummer Midas (Expected before Feb 17)

Predicted Pickaxes

  • P-5000 Power Loader Arm (Expected before Feb 16)
  • Forsaken Strike (Expected before Feb 16)
  • Gilded Shadow (Expected before Feb 17)
  • Aqua Lug (Expected before Feb 17)
  • Star Wand (Expected before Feb 16)

Predicted Emotes

  • Burst Case Scenario (Expected before Feb 16)
  • [Insert Laughter Here] (Expected before Feb 16)
  • Cap Kick (Expected before Feb 16)
  • Smeeze (Expected before Feb 17)
  • Revel (Expected before Feb 18)
  • Hey Now! (Expected before Feb 17)

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