Fortnite Launches New LEGO Mode

The adventure is building! Welcome to LEGO Fortnite, a brand new survival crafting adventure in Fortnite. Learn about LEGO Fortnite and start playing for free today!

Watch the official Gameplay Trailer below:

Watch the official Launch Cinematic below:

Intro to LEGO Fortnite

You’ve fallen into a new world… in LEGO form? The nature around you seems familiar, but under the surface it’s made of LEGO bricks! Harvest LEGO resources to create your own builds, and create villages for you and your friends to live it up. The LEGO life takes courage — face enemies and the elements in your quest of construction. Food and swords will come in handy!

Build structures to build your community. As your villages develop, attract Villagers to go on adventures with you or improve your community! From Farmers, Chefs, and Smelters, your Villagers have your back.

LEGO Fortnite Overview

Getting Started

Just like a LEGO set, let’s start from the beginning! Before playing LEGO Fortnite for the first time, you’ll need to create a new world or jump into a world a player has made you a key holder of.

When creating a new world, you’ll choose a save slot to save it to. (You can have up to eight worlds!) Then, you’ll be given some options for enjoying your world your way.

The most important decision is the mode you’ll play. Choose the default Survival mode if you want to overcome the world around you. Gather and craft resources for your builds, and face off against mighty foes while exploring the world! Just wanna let your imagination run free? Choose Sandbox mode where you can spawn builds and items without needing to find resources.

If you choose Sandbox mode, you can select options for customizing your world further!

Advanced Settings for Sandbox Mode

  • Enemies: On or Off
  • Hunger: On or Off
  • Temperature: On or Off
  • Stamina: On or Off
  • Elimination: On or Off
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination: On or Off
  • Friendly Creatures: On or Off
  • Villagers: On or Off

Heads-up! These settings cannot be changed once your world is created, so make sure you double-check what you chose.


When starting out in Survival mode, you’ll want to build a Campfire and shelter to help you survive the first night. After building those, it’s a good idea to build a Crafting Bench! Use the Crafting Bench to craft basic tools that’ll make resource gathering quicker.

The more resources you have, the easier it’ll be to create builds you unlock, including LEGO structures and individual LEGO bricks.

The Crafting Bench is just one of many Stations. Stations are LEGO builds where you can make things like tools, crafting materials, and food! Another Station is the Lumber Mill, which you can use to make Planks for furniture.

With enough resources, establish a village by building a Village Square. Then develop your village with pre-planned Builds or builds of your own imagination! If you have the resources, you can build what you see on the blueprint.

Going for a campground feel? Use wood to build a Log Home:

Going for a more medieval feel instead? Use wood and granite to build a Grand Manor:

Don’t like to build by the book? Use resources to build Building Parts like Foundations, Floors, Walls, Roofs, and more. Then make your own distinct build! Whether your build is a pre-planned Build or custom one, decorate it with Furniture like Beds, Tables, and Sofas.

The World

Don’t let yourself get knocked down. Many things will try to get in your way in your world — foes, the weather, and even your own hunger.

To face off against foes, craft self-defense tools at a Crafting Bench. To endure the extreme cold or heat, eat certain foods or craft certain Charms. To prevent hunger, forage or hunt for food. You can grow your own food too!

Tip: food prevents hunger, but it also recovers hearts. Eat food to stay strong in a battle!


Bring other players into your world. LEGO Fortnite supports parties of up to eight players, meaning seven other people can jump into your world while you’re in it!

Everyone wants to rule their own world. You can do that alone, or share the responsibility with friends! Invite up to seven players to be a key holder of your world, which means they can access and edit the world anytime. This includes when they’re joining you online or when you’re away offline.

To invite a player to be a key holder, choose a player currently in your world with you. Make this selection in the Players tab of the Map menu. All party members without a key will be removed from your world when you leave your party or world.

Customising Your Character

There’s customizing your world, but how about customizing yourself?

The characters you play in Fortnite are called Outfits, and over 1,200 Outfits have LEGO Styles! LEGO Styles are playable in LEGO Fortnite. For example, if you have the Brite Bomber Outfit in your Locker, it’ll appear as a LEGO Style in LEGO Fortnite which you can use to play. LEGO Styles are included with Outfits at no additional cost.

Fortnite Outfits also have a Fortnite Style, which is usable in other Fortnite experiences.

You can purchase Outfits in Fortnite’s Shop using V-Bucks, but you don’t need to purchase an Outfit to play Fortnite. If you don’t have an Outfit in your Locker, you can jump into LEGO Fortnite with a preselected Outfit!

Heads-up! There are existing Emotes you can use with the LEGO Styles of your Outfits. Emotes are items for your Locker you can use to express yourself. They are purchasable in the Shop with V-Bucks, like Outfits.

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