Fortnite Middle East Server to Change on May 9

Epic Games has announced that a networking option provided by one of their partners will be terminated on May 9, 2022, resulting in high ping and possibly an unplayable experience for the Middle East server.

"Please be aware that any solution will take time to be implemented. Therefore, we cannot provide an estimated solution date at this time. If you experience high ping after May 9, we recommend switching to another server or setting your server selection to Auto as a temporary workaround."
- The Fortnite Team

Epic also confirmed that this sudden termination of the Middle East network will affect all Fortnite game modes, including Battle Royale, Zero Build, Creative and Save the World. Although it's "hard to determine the specific impact on particular players", it has been confirmed that players will only be affected if they connect to the Middle East server. Fortnite's Arena mode and all tournaments will be impacted, although Epic claims FNCS will be an exception. Players using the Middle East server should expect the same impact in competitive matches as in the other modes.

We'll keep you updated if Epic reveals a solution to this issue.


In other news, Fortnite has announced the Fortnitemares Concept Royale winners.

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