Fortnite Patch v20.40: What to Expect

The final major update for Chapter 3 Season 2 is scheduled to be released tomorrow, on May 17. Here's everything that's expected to happen in v20.40.

Event Preparations

Preparations for a new live event are expected to be made in v20.40. These preparations could include small map changes, in-game countdowns and more. You can read more about the upcoming live event here.

Fortnite x Fall Guys

New Fall Guys-themed cosmetics are expected to be added to the files in v20.40. The upcoming 'Blunder Bundle', which was discovered recently, will contain a number of Fall Guys items that will be sold in the shop soon.

Shadow Bomb Unvaulted

As suggested by a leak earlier this week, the Shadow Bomb item could be unvaulted in Battle Royale.

FNCS 3:2 Set

The new FNCS Set, featuring the FNCS 3:2 Champion Outfit, will be added in v20.40 and is expected to be available in the shop next week.

The FNCS 3:1 Champion Outfit, from last Season

Major Bug Fixes

The following bugs are confirmed to be fixed in tomorrow's patch, according to the official Fortnite Trello page.

Battle Royale

  • Players do not receive toast notifications while in a match with another player
  • Anvil Rocket Launcher UI missing


  • Joining a Creative game in progress may lock the new player out until the round ends

Save the World

  • Legendary perks cannot be changed using perk recombobulator

As always, we'll be sharing the official patch notes once they go live after the update.

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