Fortnite Refer A Friend returns, free Xander Outfit available now

Fortnite has launched this year's version of the Refer A Friend event with more free cosmetics to be earned. The 2022 event features the Xander Outfit - a cosmetic that had remained unreleased since it was leaked in February 2021.

A total of five new cosmetics can be unlocked through the Refer A Friend event by completing challenges with a friend that get increasingly difficult. To get started, head to to register.

Refer A Friend Challenges & Rewards

  • Create a connection
    Unlocks the Double Draw Spray
  • Play 1 game in Fortnite with a referee
    Unlocks the Immortal Oasis Wrap
  • Place top 10 6 times with your referee
    Unlocks the Oasis Wind Back Bling
  • Eliminate 45 opponents with your referee
    Unlocks the Blades of The Desert Moon Pickaxe
  • Gain plus 60 Levels on your own and wait for your referee to gain plus 60 Levels too
    Unlocks the Xander Outfit, including the additional Unmasked Style

Players can login, register and join the campaign from now until January 10, 2023. Registered players will be able to complete their challenges until February 19, 2023.

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