Fortnite Removes In-Game Item Shop Countdown

In an unexpected update to Fortnite's Item Shop, Epic Games has removed the timer used for counting down to the next rotation.

The controversial change was announced through an in-game pop-up that updated the wording of the existing 'How and When the Shop Refreshes' tab. The tab's wording has been changed to describe how the shop "usually" resets at 7 PM ET, something that suggests we could see new rotation times in the future.

The removal of the Item Shop timer is the latest in a series of unpopular changes made during Chapter 5. The lack of changes to Item Shops, reworked movement animations, redesigned Locker UI and more have all received negative feedback from players.

It's possible Epic could revert this change if enough players voice their complaints, as was the case with Chapter 5's movement. We'll keep you updated.

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