Fortnite Removes New Icon Series Emote from Shop

Fortnite has disabled the 'Original Spotlight' section from the in-game Item Shop, removing the ability to purchase the latest Icon Series Emote.

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The new Icon Series Emote, released just three hours before being removed, was 'Jubi Slide'. Players who purchased the Emote while it was available will not have it removed from their lockers.

The removal comes following a bug which prevented the dance from being used in LEGO Fortnite. Since Epic disabled the entire 'Original Spotlight' section from the Item Shop, the following cosmetics have also been removed from today's rotation:

  • Bullseye Outfit
  • Oro Outfit
  • Job Well Done Emote
  • Rage Quit Emote

Epic did not say when the Emote would return to the shop, but did say they'll "circle back" once they've investigated further.

We'll keep you updated.

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