Fortnite Retires 'Recently Released' Row in Discover Page

In a post shared to the official Creative Discord server, Epic Games has announced its decision to retire the 'Recently Released' row from Fortnite's Discover page.

Introduced in May last year, the 'Recently Released' tab gave creators the opportunity to get their latest maps promoted and shown to players in-game. Epic says "it was clear that Recently Released was not functioning in the way we intended. Islands that were highlighted often weren't recent and had more opportunities to be seen and played in other rows". The removal comes following mass complaints from players over the state of the entire Discover page, which promotes low quality maps that often feature something completely unrelated to Fortnite in the thumbnail.

Following the removal of Recently Released, Epic has promised to keep the 'New' series of tabs (New Combat, New Practice) available in-game. More changes are expected to come to Discover before the launch of Unreal Editor for Fortnite later this year. As always, we'll keep you updated.

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